Almost no home is without at least one box of plastic wrap in its specially designated ‘plastic wrap drawer’. We use this relatively modern marvel of technology to help keep food fresher for longer. From covering leftovers to wrapping half eaten fruits or vegetables, we use plastic wrap in a whole range of ways. Yet, it turns out that plastic wrap actually has other uses that can help make our lives even easier. This article will present several ingenious ways of using plastic wrap to help solve some of life’s day to day dilemmas.

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Keep your paint roller fresh

Anyone who has painted a room knows how expensive it can be. Not only do you have the cost of the paint to contend with, but having to buy brushes, rollers and the like can really add to the expense. Being able to use a roller multiple times will not only cut down on cost, but it will also cut down on waste and make the job easier. Wrapping your paint roller with plastic wrap after use will mean you can use the roller again without having to clean it. This is ideal for projects which require several days to complete. Alternatively, wrapping the roller after it has been cleaned will keep the roller fresh for a completely different project. This method can also be used to keep paint brushes fresh and ready.

Keep out the draft

Sometimes windows develop spaces which allow drafts into your home. Fixing these spaces can be costly and complicated, so most people settle on filling the spaces with something. Small towels are the most common choice, but while these will help keep the draft out they can look ugly. Plastic wrap can be wadded up to fill those annoying spaces. Not only will this keep the draft out, but the clear nature of the plastic wrap will keep it invisible, helping to keep your window looking good.

Keep shelves and surfaces clean

Putting paper in drawers has been a practice followed for generations. This helps keep drawers looking clean and fresh. Plastic wrap can serve the very same function. Putting a layer of plastic wrap on refrigerator shelves will keep them protected from spills or scratching. Placing it on cupboard shelves will also help to keep cupboards clean. Simply replace during any spill or accident and the shelf will always stay dry and protected.

Keep jars watertight

No matter how good the lid on a jar is, once a jar tips over it will almost invariably leak. One way to prevent such annoying leaks is to put a piece of plastic wrap over the jar’s opening before using the lid. This will create an extra layer of protection which will keep any jar water tight during transportation. This will also make it easier to open the jar when you need to.

Looking forward

Hopefully this article will help you to solve some of your daily dilemmas with the all powerful ally that is plastic wrap. Now you know that the ever present box earns its space in that specially designated kitchen drawer!

Several Ingenious Ways of Using Plastic Wrap
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