Baby powder is extremely useful to have around the home. While this is a common item in a home with a young child, it is never seen in homes that don’t have any children. If you fall into this bracket then it is probably a good idea to get a bottle of this to keep in your cabinet.

This is simply because it has lots of different uses. While many people use this item to smoothen their skin, a lot of us don’t realize how useful baby powder is for various tasks around the home. A lot of these tasks are very common and baby powder should be used to carry them out without any delay.

baby powderFor example, baby powder is great if you have oily hair. Oily hair is a pain to deal with and we often have to shampoo on a regular basis in order to remove this oil. Baby powder has similar effects to shampoo and will also remove oil from your hair.

The best thing about this is that you only need to get a tiny bit and massage it into the hair and the scalp to remove the oil. I must admit, this is a highly effective strategy that I wasn’t aware of till recently and it does work very well.

Baby powder is also highly effective for dealing with insects and ants in particular. Ants tend to hang around in groups and if your home is infested with ants at this moment in time then you need to sprinkle some baby powder all around your home.

Then watch in amazement as these Ants disappear as fast as possible. This really works and it is due to the fact that the ants aren’t very fond of the smell associated with baby powder.

Baby powder can also be used for other issues that commonly occur in your home. One of the common issues that we normally have to deal with is a stain. Sometimes these stains can be extremely oily and we don’t really know how to deal with them.

Sometimes they can’t even be removed and are permanent. However, if the stain is oily, you can easily use baby powder to absorb this oil. This acts in a very similar way as we saw above with oily hair. The powder will absorb oil from the stain and prepare it for washing in the washing machine.

Another probably that is extremely common in most households is the annoying squeaking sound caused by our wooden floors. Even though most people aren’t aware, baby powder is the perfect solution for this problem as well. While we aren’t certain how it does this, baby powder will stop the squeaking almost immediately.

So how can you stop your floors squeaking? All you need to do is spread the baby powder all over your wooden floor. The key is to spread the powder out so that it falls in between the tiny cracks that are all over your floor. Once you have done this, you can wipe the rest of the powder away and you will notice that your floor doesn’t squeak anymore.

Baby powder Is Perfect For These Problems
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