winter detox waterOverall The “Winter-Detox” diet consists of eating well and feeling good about yourself. By following a healthy diet, you’re body and taste will get used to organic and simple food. No need to add loads of salt or fake sugars:

Food is already full of flavors. Don’t hesitate to spice up food though. My favorites are curry, garlic, parsley, basil and more.

Exercising daily is also very important. Our body asks us to move, our heart needs to pump. Be creative and start to give your body something he likes more than anything: Sport!

Food For me, a good diet is a diet that isn’t one. This is because a good diet should be a permanent way of living. It should be rules that you follow without feeling that you are making concessions but out of your own will. The will to be healthy and lose weight!

Here are the “Winter-Detox” diet commitments:

Never be hungry. Eat snacks between meal such as almonds or fruits. To starve is NOT a good solution to lose weight.

Drink loads of water. Forget about other beverages. Water is your new best friend. Drink as much of it as you can.

No carbs in the evening. Breads and cereals are for breakfast or before working out. Think that carbs are fast energy, like sugars and therefore are only needed when you ask energy from your body.

You do not need a full plate of pasta in your body for supper at 7 o’clock. It will all be stored as fat in your body if you don’t use it.

A perfect supper can consist of meat or fish with vegetables. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetable. Nothing better than a meal loaded with fresh ingredients.

Eat proteins. Proteins will give you energy throughout the day and will help you feel full.  45 minutes of exercise at least 4 times a week.  This is for a permanent diet. For the 2 “Detox” weeks, it should be at least 6 times a week for 2 weeks. Be creative! There are so many things you can do. Allow yourself some treats. A piece of dark chocolate won’t kill you. If you forbid yourself the stuff you love, you will want them even more!

Purposes of the diet:

Promotes the loss of weight in the long run

Maintain the goal when it comes to your weight

Targets the achievement of a more toned body

Increases your energy

Improves your mood

Reduces the risk of disease

Allows you to plan for a healthier lifestyle

Nota Bene: This might sound controversial that the “Winter-Detox” is a 2-week diet and at the same time promotes a permanent way of living. This is because I like to set short-term goals so success seems more achievable. Once the two weeks are done, it is up to you to continue that way or go back to your own habits. The aim here is too discover how great it feels to have a healthier way of life and keeping it up!

The “Winter-Detox” Diet
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