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It is a common known fact that most beds have unsightly bed bugs, which is not a happy thought. They feed on old dead skin that flakes away while people sleep. They quickly multiply and create their own debris that adds to the filth. Fortunately, there are a few things that will contribute to a cleaner bed so let’s check them out.

The Bed

Since bed bugs thrive in moist dark environments, it makes sense that if you do not make the bed it will help them grow even further. When the covers are left closer to the foot of the bed it will prevent having a moist dark place for them to continue to multiply so remove the covers when you get up and let more air get into your sleeping area.

Ceiling Fans and Lights

There is usually a ceiling fan or light located directly above the bed. And just as you might imagine, they collect dirt and dust over time. As that naturally occurs, the dirt and debris will fall down below onto the bed. It can cause allergies to get irritated. Try to remember to clean those ceiling fans and lights on a regular basis with a dust cloth and a cleaning agent. It will help keep your allergies at bay.

Digital Devices

It is a common activity for people to lay on their bed while they play or work on a digital device. Usually it involves phones, laptops, and iPads. But what you may not realize is that they are one of the dirtiest items inside of the home. Take the time to wipe the digital devices clean with a strong cleaning agent before setting in down on the bed. It will help to keep a cleaner more sanitary device.


Pillows are another source of dirt build up. They collect skin flakes and dirt and dust also. Some pillows can be laundered and should be when appropriate. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before laundering the pillow. But others are not recommended to be placed in the washing machine. Those pillows can be taken outside and shaken out to rid them of the buildup.

The Mattress

A mattress can be an expensive purchase to make, which means that they may not be switched out very often. But what you can do is use the different attachments that come with the vacuum to get down further into the mattress and clear away the debris.


Don’t forget to wash the curtains. Curtains are known for catching pet hair and dust and can also irritate allergies in humans. They should be washed about once a month for optimal results to be realized. Failure to do so will result in dust being set in motion as ceiling fans are turned on.

Considering how much time is spent in bed over a person’s lifetime, it is very important to keep it as clean as possible. Try using the tips listed above to try to counteract the unsightly buildup that naturally occurs over time. It will contribute to an improved overall health and wellbeing.

You Must Learn How To Clean Your Bedroom Properly
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