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Everyone is becoming more and more health conscious these days. We are obtaining increased amount of knowledge in terms of the composition of the food that we eat. Everything is processed these days.

You really need to look at the ingredients of pretty much everything that you buy these days. Let me give you an example of what I found in the supermarket the other day. I was looking for a healthy meal for lunch and looking to keep the carbohydrate and fat content as low as possible. This meant minimal sugar content and high protein content. Naturally, this meant that I had very little choice. It’s absolutely crazy when you can’t find a nice clean meal in an entire supermarket.

This lack of availability of healthy food is actually startling and I’m guessing most people like me will encounter the same problem. Well anyway, I was on the search for a clean meal and came across these spiced prawns that had amazing contents when it comes to the nutritional value at the back of the packaging. There was a little bit of sugar but I thought this was natural because of the spices. On the same day, I also came across Salmon fillets that had been spiced and smoked. Both of these things looked amazing and I was very excited to try both of them.

I got the prawns that day and had them for lunch. Even though the texture was a bit dry, the taste was great and it was exactly what I had been expecting. I was willing to cope with the texture if the food I bought was healthy and tasted good. However, as I was getting rid of the packaging, I found that one of the main ingredients listed was sugar. The following day, I found that the smoked Salmon also had the same ingredient. I was a bit surprised because I couldn’t figure out why anyone would add sugar to smoked Salmon and prawns. There’s literally no way of success when it comes to buying healthy food from the supermarket.

For this reason, my only choice was to get the best air fryer and cook my lunch the night before work. I heard about it from a friend and was curious to try it myself. I was pleasantly surprised because I made chicken the first day and it tasted great. The most surprising thing was that the air fryer didn’t use any oil and I wasn’t using any sugar or any other processed ingredients.

If you guys are wondering which oil less fryer I bought, it was the GoWISE GW22621. This was the best air fryer as far as my budget was concerned. If you can afford to spend a bit more money then you should definitely go for one of the premium Philips air fryers because I’ve heard some great things about them.

In general, the air fryer is very versatile because it lets you make whatever you want without requiring any oil. This is been the best thing ever for me because my possibilities for lunch are endless and on top of that, the food is always healthy and cooked by myself.

Honestly speaking, you all need to try an air fryer because it’s probably the best investment I’ve made in quite some time. But before you get it, make sure you’re willing to make an extra bit of effort in to make lunch the night before work!

An Air Fryer Is Perfect For Cooking Chicken Without Using Oil
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