Proper Way in Taking Care of Hens

It can be fun raising hens and are great pets to have around. They can lay a lot of eggs every week. If you plan on keeping a hen in your backyard as a pet, there are certain things you need to know about taking care of them. Hens are very easy to care for and you can easily get their supplies at local feed stores or online.


Feeding Hens:


You can feed hens scratch which is a combination of grains. Another option is to buy cracked corn. Getting the type of food you’re your hens isn’t usually a problem because many feed stores have a variety of chicken feed for each stage of a bird’s life. To feed your hens, you can use hanging waterers or feeders because they are very easy to clean. You should buy four feeders for every one hundred hens.


You should also buy grit for your hens to aid them in digesting their food. Grits are small stones that are normally added to their feed so they can easily digest the food. You can also check out ginger root extract health benefits for hens. 


Preparing their sleeping place


If you are considering building a chicken coop for your hens, the first thing you need to consider is to consider their safety. It should be a place where predators cannot easily attack your hens and that is why it is best to use wooden floors for your hen house.


When building the coop, you have to block all holes that are exposed to prevent snakes and rodents from entering the hen house. The walls of their house should be strong enough to hold against predators and it should also have a very good roof to keep the hens safe during bad weather.


Also, when providing shelter for your hens, you should consider creating enough space in their coop. This is because the hens are likely to fight each other.


There is no way you can keep hens without thinking about where they would sleep. To prepare your hens’ place of sleep, think of straw, hay and pine shavings. Some people avoid using straw and hay because they believe it attracts lice and insects to attack the hens. You can place a demarcating rod to give each hen space to sleep.


You can also consider creating nesting boxes in a private place in the coop for the hens to lay their eggs.


Aside from the chicken coop, you can create a fence around the birdhouse so that the hens can let out to get fresh air and feel the sunlight. The fence is to protect them from predators during the day.




To ensure that your hens are healthy, it is important to keep their coop well ventilated. This does not mean you should create holes in the coop because it would give room for predators to attack. Instead, you allow them to come out of their coop to take fresh air.


Hens need to roam around so it is important to create a very strong fence around an adequate space so they can easily move around without facing any threats from predators.


Caring for your hen requires that they eat healthily. You can give your hens healthy grains like wheat and corn. You can also change their diet sometimes by adding fruits, vegetables and table scraps to their meal.