An Air Fryer Is Perfect For Cooking Chicken Without Using Oil

air fryer by philips

Everyone is becoming more and more health conscious these days. We are obtaining increased amount of knowledge in terms of the composition of the food that we eat. Everything is processed these days.

You really need to look at the ingredients of pretty much everything that you buy these days. Let me give you an example of what I found in the supermarket the other day. I was looking for a healthy meal for lunch and looking to keep the carbohydrate and fat content as low as possible. This meant minimal sugar content and high protein content. Naturally, this meant that I had very little choice. It’s absolutely crazy when you can’t find a nice clean meal in an entire supermarket.

This lack of availability of healthy food is actually startling and I’m guessing most people like me will encounter the same problem. Well anyway, I was on the search for a clean meal and came across these spiced prawns that had amazing contents when it comes to the nutritional value at the back of the packaging. There was a little bit of sugar but I thought this was natural because of the spices. On the same day, I also came across Salmon fillets that had been spiced and smoked. Both of these things looked amazing and I was very excited to try both of them.

I got the prawns that day and had them for lunch. Even though the texture was a bit dry, the taste was great and it was exactly what I had been expecting. I was willing to cope with the texture if the food I bought was healthy and tasted good. However, as I was getting rid of the packaging, I found that one of the main ingredients listed was sugar. The following day, I found that the smoked Salmon also had the same ingredient. I was a bit surprised because I couldn’t figure out why anyone would add sugar to smoked Salmon and prawns. There’s literally no way of success when it comes to buying healthy food from the supermarket.

For this reason, my only choice was to get the best air fryer and cook my lunch the night before work. I heard about it from a friend and was curious to try it myself. I was pleasantly surprised because I made chicken the first day and it tasted great. The most surprising thing was that the air fryer didn’t use any oil and I wasn’t using any sugar or any other processed ingredients.

If you guys are wondering which oil less fryer I bought, it was the GoWISE GW22621. This was the best air fryer as far as my budget was concerned. If you can afford to spend a bit more money then you should definitely go for one of the premium Philips air fryers because I’ve heard some great things about them.

In general, the air fryer is very versatile because it lets you make whatever you want without requiring any oil. This is been the best thing ever for me because my possibilities for lunch are endless and on top of that, the food is always healthy and cooked by myself.

Honestly speaking, you all need to try an air fryer because it’s probably the best investment I’ve made in quite some time. But before you get it, make sure you’re willing to make an extra bit of effort in to make lunch the night before work!

The “Winter-Detox” Diet

winter detox waterOverall The “Winter-Detox” diet consists of eating well and feeling good about yourself. By following a healthy diet, you’re body and taste will get used to organic and simple food. No need to add loads of salt or fake sugars:

Food is already full of flavors. Don’t hesitate to spice up food though. My favorites are curry, garlic, parsley, basil and more.

Exercising daily is also very important. Our body asks us to move, our heart needs to pump. Be creative and start to give your body something he likes more than anything: Sport!

Food For me, a good diet is a diet that isn’t one. This is because a good diet should be a permanent way of living. It should be rules that you follow without feeling that you are making concessions but out of your own will. The will to be healthy and lose weight!

Here are the “Winter-Detox” diet commitments:

Never be hungry. Eat snacks between meal such as almonds or fruits. To starve is NOT a good solution to lose weight.

Drink loads of water. Forget about other beverages. Water is your new best friend. Drink as much of it as you can.

No carbs in the evening. Breads and cereals are for breakfast or before working out. Think that carbs are fast energy, like sugars and therefore are only needed when you ask energy from your body.

You do not need a full plate of pasta in your body for supper at 7 o’clock. It will all be stored as fat in your body if you don’t use it.

A perfect supper can consist of meat or fish with vegetables. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetable. Nothing better than a meal loaded with fresh ingredients.

Eat proteins. Proteins will give you energy throughout the day and will help you feel full.  45 minutes of exercise at least 4 times a week.  This is for a permanent diet. For the 2 “Detox” weeks, it should be at least 6 times a week for 2 weeks. Be creative! There are so many things you can do. Allow yourself some treats. A piece of dark chocolate won’t kill you. If you forbid yourself the stuff you love, you will want them even more!

Purposes of the diet:

Promotes the loss of weight in the long run

Maintain the goal when it comes to your weight

Targets the achievement of a more toned body

Increases your energy

Improves your mood

Reduces the risk of disease

Allows you to plan for a healthier lifestyle

Nota Bene: This might sound controversial that the “Winter-Detox” is a 2-week diet and at the same time promotes a permanent way of living. This is because I like to set short-term goals so success seems more achievable. Once the two weeks are done, it is up to you to continue that way or go back to your own habits. The aim here is too discover how great it feels to have a healthier way of life and keeping it up!

Several Ingenious Ways of Using Plastic Wrap

Almost no home is without at least one box of plastic wrap in its specially designated ‘plastic wrap drawer’. We use this relatively modern marvel of technology to help keep food fresher for longer. From covering leftovers to wrapping half eaten fruits or vegetables, we use plastic wrap in a whole range of ways. Yet, it turns out that plastic wrap actually has other uses that can help make our lives even easier. This article will present several ingenious ways of using plastic wrap to help solve some of life’s day to day dilemmas.

plastic wrap

Keep your paint roller fresh

Anyone who has painted a room knows how expensive it can be. Not only do you have the cost of the paint to contend with, but having to buy brushes, rollers and the like can really add to the expense. Being able to use a roller multiple times will not only cut down on cost, but it will also cut down on waste and make the job easier. Wrapping your paint roller with plastic wrap after use will mean you can use the roller again without having to clean it. This is ideal for projects which require several days to complete. Alternatively, wrapping the roller after it has been cleaned will keep the roller fresh for a completely different project. This method can also be used to keep paint brushes fresh and ready.

Keep out the draft

Sometimes windows develop spaces which allow drafts into your home. Fixing these spaces can be costly and complicated, so most people settle on filling the spaces with something. Small towels are the most common choice, but while these will help keep the draft out they can look ugly. Plastic wrap can be wadded up to fill those annoying spaces. Not only will this keep the draft out, but the clear nature of the plastic wrap will keep it invisible, helping to keep your window looking good.

Keep shelves and surfaces clean

Putting paper in drawers has been a practice followed for generations. This helps keep drawers looking clean and fresh. Plastic wrap can serve the very same function. Putting a layer of plastic wrap on refrigerator shelves will keep them protected from spills or scratching. Placing it on cupboard shelves will also help to keep cupboards clean. Simply replace during any spill or accident and the shelf will always stay dry and protected.

Keep jars watertight

No matter how good the lid on a jar is, once a jar tips over it will almost invariably leak. One way to prevent such annoying leaks is to put a piece of plastic wrap over the jar’s opening before using the lid. This will create an extra layer of protection which will keep any jar water tight during transportation. This will also make it easier to open the jar when you need to.

Looking forward

Hopefully this article will help you to solve some of your daily dilemmas with the all powerful ally that is plastic wrap. Now you know that the ever present box earns its space in that specially designated kitchen drawer!

You Must Learn How To Clean Your Bedroom Properly


clean bedroom

It is a common known fact that most beds have unsightly bed bugs, which is not a happy thought. They feed on old dead skin that flakes away while people sleep. They quickly multiply and create their own debris that adds to the filth. Fortunately, there are a few things that will contribute to a cleaner bed so let’s check them out.

The Bed

Since bed bugs thrive in moist dark environments, it makes sense that if you do not make the bed it will help them grow even further. When the covers are left closer to the foot of the bed it will prevent having a moist dark place for them to continue to multiply so remove the covers when you get up and let more air get into your sleeping area.

Ceiling Fans and Lights

There is usually a ceiling fan or light located directly above the bed. And just as you might imagine, they collect dirt and dust over time. As that naturally occurs, the dirt and debris will fall down below onto the bed. It can cause allergies to get irritated. Try to remember to clean those ceiling fans and lights on a regular basis with a dust cloth and a cleaning agent. It will help keep your allergies at bay.

Digital Devices

It is a common activity for people to lay on their bed while they play or work on a digital device. Usually it involves phones, laptops, and iPads. But what you may not realize is that they are one of the dirtiest items inside of the home. Take the time to wipe the digital devices clean with a strong cleaning agent before setting in down on the bed. It will help to keep a cleaner more sanitary device.


Pillows are another source of dirt build up. They collect skin flakes and dirt and dust also. Some pillows can be laundered and should be when appropriate. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before laundering the pillow. But others are not recommended to be placed in the washing machine. Those pillows can be taken outside and shaken out to rid them of the buildup.

The Mattress

A mattress can be an expensive purchase to make, which means that they may not be switched out very often. But what you can do is use the different attachments that come with the vacuum to get down further into the mattress and clear away the debris.


Don’t forget to wash the curtains. Curtains are known for catching pet hair and dust and can also irritate allergies in humans. They should be washed about once a month for optimal results to be realized. Failure to do so will result in dust being set in motion as ceiling fans are turned on.

Considering how much time is spent in bed over a person’s lifetime, it is very important to keep it as clean as possible. Try using the tips listed above to try to counteract the unsightly buildup that naturally occurs over time. It will contribute to an improved overall health and wellbeing.

Baby powder Is Perfect For These Problems

Baby powder is extremely useful to have around the home. While this is a common item in a home with a young child, it is never seen in homes that don’t have any children. If you fall into this bracket then it is probably a good idea to get a bottle of this to keep in your cabinet.

This is simply because it has lots of different uses. While many people use this item to smoothen their skin, a lot of us don’t realize how useful baby powder is for various tasks around the home. A lot of these tasks are very common and baby powder should be used to carry them out without any delay.

baby powderFor example, baby powder is great if you have oily hair. Oily hair is a pain to deal with and we often have to shampoo on a regular basis in order to remove this oil. Baby powder has similar effects to shampoo and will also remove oil from your hair.

The best thing about this is that you only need to get a tiny bit and massage it into the hair and the scalp to remove the oil. I must admit, this is a highly effective strategy that I wasn’t aware of till recently and it does work very well.

Baby powder is also highly effective for dealing with insects and ants in particular. Ants tend to hang around in groups and if your home is infested with ants at this moment in time then you need to sprinkle some baby powder all around your home.

Then watch in amazement as these Ants disappear as fast as possible. This really works and it is due to the fact that the ants aren’t very fond of the smell associated with baby powder.

Baby powder can also be used for other issues that commonly occur in your home. One of the common issues that we normally have to deal with is a stain. Sometimes these stains can be extremely oily and we don’t really know how to deal with them.

Sometimes they can’t even be removed and are permanent. However, if the stain is oily, you can easily use baby powder to absorb this oil. This acts in a very similar way as we saw above with oily hair. The powder will absorb oil from the stain and prepare it for washing in the washing machine.

Another probably that is extremely common in most households is the annoying squeaking sound caused by our wooden floors. Even though most people aren’t aware, baby powder is the perfect solution for this problem as well. While we aren’t certain how it does this, baby powder will stop the squeaking almost immediately.

So how can you stop your floors squeaking? All you need to do is spread the baby powder all over your wooden floor. The key is to spread the powder out so that it falls in between the tiny cracks that are all over your floor. Once you have done this, you can wipe the rest of the powder away and you will notice that your floor doesn’t squeak anymore.

Stop Wasting Your Leftovers By Cooking Some Delicacies

Food is life. There’s nothing more important than food to a foodie like me. But, out of happiness, every time, we cook out more than what we need. And eating the old cooked meal makes our faces pale just at looking at it. I know it’s a boredom eating the same in a row. That’s why I experimented with Tortelli and Spanakopita Pies last week. But today, I’m here with a list of 5 lip-smacking dishes to cook from your leftovers. Try them and let me know how they would taste as well as I just can’t wait to cook them out once again!

1. Chicken Sandwich

If you have some leftover cooked chicken, then you can turn that into a delicious sandwich. Spread mayonnaise on the bread slices. Cut the tomatoes, onions and lettuce leave. If the chicken is too spicy, just put the entire chicken with curry in a bowl of warm water to remove the spices and then shred them into small pieces. Now, mix the shredded chicken along with the cut veggies and then put between the bread slices.

2. Chicken Salad

Most of the days, we cook too much of chicken and then it’s a headache to finish it in the next day. You can turn your leftover chicken into a healthy salad. If it’s too spicy, just put the entire chicken with curry in a bowl of warm water to remove the spices. Just add tomatoes, onions, celery, mayonnaise and vinegar in a bowl along with the chicken pieces. Mix them well with salt and pepper. Serve it with the lettuce leaves.

3. Bread Pudding

As the name suggests, this sweet dish made of leftover bread is very easy to make. Take out the sides of the bread and add the white portion of the bread to the eggs, milk, sugar, a pinch of salt, cinnamon powder and some vanilla essence in a mixing bowl. You need to bake for around 45 minutes. Now, serve this sweet dish with whipped cream or freeze it for some time.

4. Vegetable Cutlet

Most of us have an aversion to the vegetables but when it comes to vegetable cutlets, our mouth starts watering. Isn’t it? Just take a mixing bowl and add gram or corn flour with the required taste spices. Once you’re done, smash the previous day’s vegetable curry in a mixture grinder. Make round balls and dip into the mix. Before you fry them, use the crust of biscuits if you have to give a better grip. Fry them and serve these crispy cutlets with chopped onions and sauces.

5. Banana Dessert

The overripe bananas can be used to make this delectable dish. You need to peel the bananas and cut them into the slices. Take a saucepan, put a little ghee and add the sliced banana pieces. Saute them till it becomes sticky. Add the flavored spices and dry fruits accordingly. Here’s your lovely banana dessert ready!

I know you must be angry with us about sharing such beautiful dishes and waking the hugry monster in you. But, I also know you would love to try these out!

Homemade Pasta (Tortelli)


I had always planned to post a “Do It Yourself” homemade pasta. This is it! I love playing with dough so I must say this was a lot of fun. I am so glad I purchased the little Italian book Il libro della Pasta which gave me the idea and the inspiration to try to make pasta myself. Unfortunately, they don’t show how to make Tortelli so I had to check videos on Youtube.

So here it is, the recipe with step-by-step directions!

The recipe

From Il libro della Pasta secca, fresca e ripiena.

Gives about a dozen tortelli (big) or twenty-something tortellini (small).

200g white flour (I used 1/4 whole wheat)

2 eggs

1 tbsp olive oil

Pinch of salt

Put your flour over a clean working surface and dig a hole. Put your eggs, oil and salt in it and mix with fingers until you get a nice homogeneous dough. Stretch the dough with a rolling pin or a pasta machine to have a long, thin layer of dough. Cut in squares. I made mine about 2″x 2″ and the tortelli were quite big. Put your mixture (I’ll put the recipe of mine at the end) in the middle of the square and let the fun begin! Fold a corner to have a triangle. Press to seal the sides.  Roll the bottom of triangle towards the tip.  Flip the whole thing over.

(Note: I saw afterwards that traditionally the tortelli are folded directly without being flipped over.) Fold both wings in and press them together with your fingers to seal. And here you go! Nice little tortello 🙂 You can store your pasta in the fridge or the freezer. Cook in boiling water for a few minutes. They will float when ready.

Hazelnut and Parmesan cream filling recipe 

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. room tempered butter

1 tbsp. finely ground hazelnuts

2 tbsp. chopped hazelnut

2-3 tbsp. shredded parmesan

Pinch of dried thyme


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Scoop in middle of pasta squares. Serve with your favourite tomato sauce.

Try the recipe and let me know what you think!

Spanakopita Small Pies


I have a new mission. A new goal. A new adventure. I am going to make: homemade pasta. Yes, in a near future you are going to see a DIY for homemade pasta. I can’t wait to try it! And I don’t even own a pasta machine so we’ll see how that will turn out. I wanted to make pasta for a long time now but today going to the store with my mom I found a lovely recipe book called “Il libro della Pasta” where they show you how to make pasta and tons of sauces to accompany it. I thought it would be a nice way to bring a little bit of Italy with me when I leave.

But today is not about pasta. I made my special Spanakopita recipe. For those who aren’t familiar with this strange Greek appellation, well it is basically a traditional spinach pastry. I say my special recipe because mine does not follow the traditional recipe. I’ve been doing this thing for years now, and I never get enough of it. Usually, I use either filo pastry of flaky dough. But this time I wanted to try it with a shortbread dough. I made it myself, see [here] how I make it. (I used half white flour and half 7 cereal flour though). I also usually make it as a big rectangle or a pie. But this time, since we’re at it, why not make another thing different: I made little mini pies! They’re cute and easy to share.

I did half covered and half like mini quiches.

The recipe

You will be able to make one large pie or 10 to 12 smaller ones and you will be able to get four to six servings for these!

Preferred crust type (can be shortbread, flaky or filo)

Spinach (500g)

Cheese (Feta – 250g)

Onions (1 and a half)

2 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp. fresh chopped parsley

1 tsp. dried mint flakes

4 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Grossly cut the spinach leaves in smaller pieces with your hands. Chop the onions and put over medium heat in a large pan with the olive oil. Let sizzle for a minute and add the spinach. Stir often and let it cook until the onions are transparent and the spinach reduced in size and soft. Add the parsley, salt, pepper and mint.

Preheat the oven at 350°.

Transfer the spinach into a bowl and place in the fridge until it has cooled down.

When it’s cold enough, add the 4 eggs and the cheese you cut with your hands while you put it in the bowl. Don’t mix too much, just enough so that the eggs cover well the spinach.

Place over your crust and put in oven for 30-35 minutes. If you’re using filo, place half the layers on the bottom with butter between each of them and the rest on the top. (About 12-14 layers in all).

(You can also cook the bottom of your dough for 5 minutes before to be sure that it will cook)!

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